Im forever yours, faithfully ♥

Hello my name is Rachel Barbra Hudson I'm 22 I love my amazing husband Finn Hudson. I'm graduated from Julliard and pursuing my dreams of being a Broadway star! I will soon be playing Elphaba from the Broadway show Wicked.

I just wanted to leave a message saying I will be on a trip from the 6th to the 16th. I will be going to Italy and Greece. The only thing is I am not too sure when I will have internet. But I will try my best to be on.

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How is everyone?



We’re pretty good. The twins are getting big :)

  Aww thats great. I would love to get a chance to see them.

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How is everyone?




Hi, Rachel! I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

 I am great thank you! How have you and Santana been?

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How is everyone?

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Anons need to leave Quinn alone

 Let her make a decision on her own. You guys don’t know anything.

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finnthecoach: I could ask for you if you want? Maybe we can babysit for them while they go out. Or we can just stay in Disney all day again? <3

 I would love to babysit. But only if they want us too. If not we could just stay in Disney <3 We did have a lot of fun there yesterday :)

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finnthecoach: Hii wife <3. I don't wanna leave the bedroom but we should. Since were in California do you wanna see Quinn and Puck?

Hello husband <33 I would love to see them actually but would they want to see us?

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Congrats & Mazel Tov Finn and Rachel!


Sorry we couldn’t make the wedding :( The babies couldn’t travel yet, but it looks like you had an amazing day!

Thank you so much :) Its fine really. We both understood. How is everything going?

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The wedding pictures came out nice <3.

Aww I love them!

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Im forever yours, faithfully ♥: @Rachel-The Wedding.




 Finn was waiting for this moment. He bent down to give her a kiss. He made it sweet and simple. Once he was done he held her close. Music started playing as they went out of the church for the first time as man and wife. Everyone clapped and cheered as they followed them to the beach. 

 As they stepped into the car she looked over at him and smiled. “I love you Finn.” She took his hand and squeezed it tightly. This day was one she has always dreamed of. The only thing she missed was Quinn. Which their relationship is still on the rocks. She honestly misses her best friend. But right now she has happy with what she has. She will work on all other problems later.

 Finn kissed her head. He hoped she was happy. He was over the moon. He wished Puck was here. They were best friends. He was happy with how everything turned out. It was there day. He kissed her hands.”We did babe were married.”Finn said.

  “I am finally Mrs. Hudson.” She kissed his cheek. Rachel was so happy out of everyone he always stayed by her side. But she was so lucky with what she had now. She had Kurt and Brittany who helped her with everything. Did she really deserve all this? She shook the thought out of her mind. Today was the day she needed to be happy.

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